Week 6

Student name: Matt Hillesheim

Date of post: 8/9/2014

Topic and relevant lecture week: Advertisement, Semiotics

Semiotic Analysis


Image Source –



This is a new Pepsi campaign featuring Sofia Vergara promoting the new slim can Pepsi range. On the surface the advertisement represents a beautiful mysterious slim woman drinking a Pepsi.


The Pepsi can is the focal point of the image due to its central positioning and high colour value in comparison to the blues. The Pepsi can is the first signifier which is signified as the new popular soda can. There is an implied correlation to the slimness of the can and the slimness and beauty of the women. The women and Pepsi can are intended to have this direct icon relationship. The women signifier is signified to have many desirable attractive qualities to both a male and female audience. Firstly she is only partly in the shot, concealing the majority of her body. Along with the large hat which conceals her eyes and hair. Her representation of body as used in dyer’s list is to be elegantly beautiful, yet mysterious. This mysterious imagery implies that she is secretive. The ad can be seen as her drinking the slim Pepsi can as her secret to staying slim, young and beautiful.


The distance of the shot is semi close, if she was looking at the audience it could be intimate. However she is gazing across to be unattached to the viewer. This is to assert her higher value and make her presence appear exclusive. The text on the left side is a signal to textually empathise the ‘slim’ relationship between the elements. The text is all white with the word ‘new’ being dark blue against a light blue background. The dark blue word doesn’t stand out as strongly as the white text does against the background. It is intended to single out that the Pepsi can is new. However Pepsi wants to further empathise that the can is ‘slim’. The textual and visual term of slim is intended to be attractive and valuable to the audience. Another aspect is that the text is on its side. This is also to empathise slim by instead of having horizontal text it is vertical. As slim is identified by horizontal length and not vertical length.


Image Source –



This is an advertisement for Coke that illustrates an unusually amount of colourful objects exiting the coke bottle implying a party is happening. The image is conceptual as it’s meant to symbolise the connection between drinking coke and having fun.


The first signifier is the simplified all white coke bottle. This is the first building block which the rest of the focalised elements build off. The all-white high value colour stands out in the highly saturated image. Although it is difficult to identify it as the focal point because of the amount of contrasting objects above. Signified the coke bottle is presented as a party drink. The other signals in the image further support this point.


The second signifier is the collective content of colourful objects flowing out of the coke bottle. These are in the form of rainbows, bubbles, teddy bears, vehicles and more. This is the most important and focalised signal in the image as it represents the conceptual symbolism which is consistent with Coke’s branding. Signified these collective designs represent a fun and party element. Implying that drinking coke equals having fun, being in a party mood and youthful energy. Suggesting that drinking coke will give you a buzz and extra energy. This is further implied by the disco ball at the top of the image that supports the party vibe implied.


The third signifier is the red clouded background. Signified the clouded background is to show that the Coke experience takes you to new heights. Clouds can be used to represent the visual aspects of heaven or a greater place. Coke uses this add to imply that drinking Coke is an enhanced experience. The red clouds are used to support the overall party vibe of the advertisement.


The text establishes the relationship within the imagery and puts it into context. The text implies that a Coke will open up a new experience. Connecting all the elements implies that drinking Coke will open up new fun experiences.





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